On the west side of Los Angeles, thousands of people are infected with HIV, many of whom don’t even know it. Homeless people, women of color and the working poor face a higher risk – and new infections, especially in young people, have grown at an alarming rate. 


At Common Ground, our mission is to bring together the diverse members of our community in the fight against HIV. Based in Santa Monica, California, we offer no-cost education, prevention and treatment programs and are the only comprehensive HIV agency serving the Westside, from LAX up to the Ventura County line.


Our commitment to Harm Reduction is at the core of our Prevention and Care philosophy. We extend our services with few or no barriers to access – and recognize each person’s intent and movement toward positive change. 


This philosophy guides our work and helps Common Ground avoid the undertone of judgment and coercion that often accompanies social service delivery. We work to counter the realities of isolation, trauma, poverty, discrimination and other social inequalities. 


We affirm to our clients that they are the primary agent in health-related behavior changes as they work toward getting better. Common Ground is their partner and advocate at every step.
And our work is supported by caring donors and committed volunteers. 


These strategies have proven effective.  We can make a difference. The health and future of our community depends on us working together to fight HIV.


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