There are so many problems in this world that seem beyond our ability to help. But this one is different.

Right here in our community, there is a growing HIV threat, people who need our help, and lives that could be saved – with some simple information or a caring intervention.

You can make the difference. Common Ground is the only comprehensive HIV service provider on the entire Westside.
We have proven tools to fight HIV in our community and we need your help to extend the reach of our Prevention and Treatment services to more people.

Make a commitment today to join the fight against HIV.

You can come visit us; just sign up for one of our monthly tours to learn more about who we are and the people we serve. If you have time, you can volunteer to help. You can also sign up for our quarterly eNewsletter.

And if you haven’t already, please – today – give your generous support to the fight against HIV.  Donate now.

Your support of Common Ground is money well spent. In an alarming investigation into professional fundraising for California charities, the LA Times reported (7/6/08) that on average, less than 47% of dollars raised actually go to the organization. And for charities that target at-risk youth and the homeless, averages were even lower.

At Common Ground, we don’t use commercial fundraisers. Every dollar you give reaches this organization and 84% of our budget goes directly into programs and services. We keep our administrative costs down – and we spend your money well.

We are serious about our mission to bring the diverse members of our community together in the fight against HIV. Your support truly makes a difference.

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If you are still undecided, click here for 6 more reasons to join the fight.